Sunday, April 3, 2011

Will the Rapture Itself Fulfill Certain Tribulation Prophecies?

I've often wondered whether the pre-Trib Rapture itself will usher in the Bible prophecies about the end times.  If you have a read through Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel & Joel, you'll learn about the end times, the Antichrist, and what he has a mind to do.

We know there will one day be a one world government and the AC will rule it.  We're moving toward that goal already, but we're not quite there.  The dollar is tanking, economies are not good at all, we might one day get there.

Another thing is the mark of the Beast.  I don't believe the AC will force people to get it.  I think people will line up for it.

But why?

To me, the Rapture is the only thing that makes sense.  Imagine, suddenly, Christ appears in the clouds, the dead rise from their graves, all believers are gone and suddenly the world is left with millions of people who have disappeared--all over the globe.  There will be disasters, certainly.  Car accidents--no more Christian drivers.  Plane crashes probably.  Wildfires from perhaps campfires of Christians that are no longer being watched.  Factories or maybe even nuclear facilities might suddenly have workers missing and go into emergency mode.  The electric company might have black outs due to missing workers.  The list goes on.  And it will be world-wide, because Christians are everywhere.

A sudden disappearance of these people would make those left behind very scared, in my opinion.  There will be theories of alien abductions, other abductions, suicides, missing persons, etc.  But people will deny the fact that even though they saw Christ in the clouds, they couldn't possibly have witnessed what they did.  Ever hear of Project Bluebeam?  Conspiracy theorists out there believe the government is planning some "fake" Rapture hologram in the sky.  Google it.  I'm serious.  I'm not saying *I* believe this, but for non-believers, it will be easier to believe the gov't put a hologram in the sky than believe they saw Jesus Christ in the clouds taking His Church.

With all these supposed disasters that might happen, individual countries might not be able to handle them on their own.  Other countries will be dealing with the same issues and might not be able to give them aid.  A solution could be a global government in order to make it possible for funds to be used globally for these disasters.

And if the mark of the Beast *is* this RFID chip that can be implanted under the skin, could the AC trick people into getting them because their loved ones disappeared and no one knows where they are?  If the global gov't knows where you are at all times, then you can't be "abducted" or "go missing" like the millions of people before you.

It makes sense to me.  I mean, if that many people disappear, that might be the tipping point for economies to finally collapse globally, so that people are forced to make a new global currency.  Obviously I don't know if this will actually happen and I will never know, because I plan on being one of those "abducted", but know this -- if I ever go missing along with my family and millions of others, we were NOT abducted by aliens.  We did NOT commit suicide.  We did NOT go into the mountains or change our identities or anything else.

We were Raptured by Jesus Christ FULL STOP.


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