Sunday, May 29, 2011

According to Ahmedinijad, the 12th Imam Emerging on June 5th

Everything I've heard/seen/read on this Mahdi character from Islam, also known as the 12th Imam, sounds uncannily like the Antichrist. 

Read the article above.  It's two pages long--I want you to read both pages.  Not only is Ahmedinijad trying to bring about the Mahdi, but he's also trying to bring on the....Rapture?  What?

From what I've heard/seen/read in different teachings, the President of Iran believes the Rapture of the Christians will "rid the world of evil".  Also, in order for this Mahdi to reign in glory, Ahmedinijad needs to bring war to Israel and destroy her.

Well, if Ahmedinijad is a better prophet than Harold Camping, perhaps we should be wary about June the 5th...


SUPERnatural Disasters

Here we go, the latest prophecy update from Pastor JD in Hawaii! Just as the PP Simmons video in the previous post, he goes in to all the natural disasters that have followed one of our leaders demanding Israel divide her land. Very interesting and thought-provoking.

These storms are not coincidence.