Saturday, September 10, 2011

Is the Rapture a Christian Guarantee?

I'm not sure if the Rapture is for all Christians, or only for some Christians as this man suggests. I believe in God's grace, and that works have no part in salvation. However that's not what this man is saying. He's postulating the Rapture is a GIFT to those who love His appearing, not a GIVEN for every "worldly" Christian.

But his argument about loving Christ is one I agree with. We should be so very IN LOVE with Christ, regardless. He needs to be first in our lives, first in our hearts, and we should LIVE WHAT WE BELIEVE. 100%, no excuses. If we call ourselves "Christians", we need to live as Christ lived and love as Christ loved.

Anything less is not worthy of the sacrifice He made. If you think that statement is arrogant, then it's arrogant. The Son of the Living God LEFT HIS THRONE and CHOSE to live a peasant's life to DIE a torturous death for YOUR sins because He LOVED YOU so very much. He didn't have to, you know. He could have let us all perish. He's God, after all. But He CHOSE to do so.

If you don't return that love with at least some spark of passion for your Bridegroom, will you be taken at the Rapture? Is the Rapture only a gift for Christians who love their Lord as a Bride should love her Bridegroom? I don't know. You don't know.

But I'm not willing to gamble on it.

Are you?


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