Thursday, April 21, 2011

All of These Stories Are on the Front Page of

UN urges bold steps to relaunch Mideast peace talks

Abbas: U.S. would be illogical to block independent Palestinian state at UN

Palestinians urge Quartet to endorse European Mideast peace initiative

Turkey: Israel-Palestinian peace will decide fate of Arab uprising


The Palestinian state is happening this year whether by peace or by force.  According to the Bible, it's by peace -- a seven year covenant with many (Daniel 9:27).  It seems Obama and Clinton are hastily scribbling a new "plan", having condemned the "state by force option" the PA plans in September.

According to the prophet Daniel, the one who confirms the covenant is the Antichrist.  But before the Antichrist can be revealed, according to Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2:5-8, the Restrainer must be taken out of the way.  That Restrainer is the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit indwells the heart of every believer. 

Therefore, the Church must be gone before the AC is revealed.  And if this peace accord IS the peace accord of Daniel's prophecy, then the Rapture is right around the corner folks.

Make your peace before God's Age of Grace comes to a close.