Thursday, July 7, 2011

Living on Borrowed Time & 6 Reasons Why Christians Should Desire Christ's Return

Here is another great article that goes into the meat and potatoes why we're living not just in the "last days" but the VERY last days.

Here is another article from the same site about 6 reasons why Christians should be anxiously waiting for the Lord's return.

Give them both a full read.  Great info.


Have You Dreamt of a Meteor and/or a Meteor Shower?

I frequent a few Rapture forums around the Internet, and there's a trend going on in these communities.  Many people are dreaming of meteors.

In fact, I myself had a dream of a meteor.

The dreams of others include either a single meteor, a shower, one hitting the moon, one breaking up the moon, and one hitting the space shuttle, forcing it to return to earth.  Since Atlantis is the last shuttle mission, a lot of Christians are watching the final launch later this month to find out if their dreams are just dreams or if they're visions from the Lord.

My own meteor dream was about 5 to 10 seconds long.  It was sandwiched between two nonsense dreams I don't remember.  But this dream was very vivid.  I was hovering above the earth, but close enough to not be able to see the entire planet.  I was on the dark side of the earth, so the sun was in front of me and the night-side of the planet was facing me.  A huge, fiery meteor streaked underneath me and plunged toward the planet.  Since I was in space, I heard no noise.  And that was it.

Many people have had dreams of meteors destroying buildings, falling into the ocean, or streaking across the sky.  And in extreme cases, a handful of people have dreamt of the moon being cracked or broken apart by something huge slamming into it.

I don't give *too* much stock to dreams because they aren't substantial.   However, I can vouch for my OWN dreams, and I know I've been given MANY from the Lord since January, I just haven't logged them here on this blog (because they are only dreams).  Perhaps I'll start a thread of the dreams I've had recently.

But I thought I'd ask my readers if any of you have had any recent dreams of meteors, the moon, or the space shuttle Atlantis.  Let me know in the comments.