Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Revelation--The Unveiling

Michael Card is a pillar of Christian Music. I have loved his music for nearly 20 years. This video is a fan-made video for a song he wrote about the Second Coming of Christ. The beginning is a "Prelude", and about halfway through, the song entitled "The Unveiling" starts.

When we look for art about Christ, we rarely search for art on the book of Revelation. We're familiar with art about the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, but that's about it. I love this video, because the person who made it found art for the 24 elders casting their crowns, the angels with the bowls of God's judgment, and even a lovely picture of Christ returning for His Bride, where her "gown" is made up of every member of His church.

In watching this video, I've got to ask myself how can ANY Christian be lukewarm about the Second Coming of Christ? How can you not be jazzed and excited for it? Should you be any LESS excited just because you might not be one of those "who are alive and remain"? Should you not care just because you live a long life and Christ might not come before you die?

Absolutely not!

The resurrection of Christ is THE event that makes our faith rock solid, that when He was raised, it proved everything He'd said about Himself was true--endorsed by God the Father Himself. Therefore, OUR resurrection should also be as moving and as powerful as His, for He holds the keys of Death. Whether we "are alive and remain" when He comes, or "asleep" in death, the Blessed Hope of the Second Coming should still give us excitement and joy.

Just because He hasn't returned in 2,000 years doesn't give us an excuse to fall asleep at our post. We must be watching, we must be ready. As the Apostle Paul said, we are closer to that day NOW than when we'd first believed. And how much closer are we AT THIS MOMENT than when Paul lived and breathed?

I hope you enjoy the video and entertain the thought that since no man knows the day nor the hour, we should therefore ever be ready to fly with Christ at a moment's notice, and not let the cares or concerns of this life hold us back from looking up.

Like an excited child who stands dutifully, gazing out the window as they watch for daddy to come home, so too should we have the faith and excitement of a child who's been promised that their Savior is returning! Hallelujah!