Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tribulation Prophecies

This is Darrell Myatt, a man I sometimes watch on YouTube. He's a normal guy who happens to know a lot about the Bible, so he's not a preacher. However, in this video, he outlines a lot of different passages in the Bible about what one can expect to happen with the Antichrist, what he's going to do, and what God is going to do during the Tribulation.

He gives every Bible verse he reads, and it's fascinating to read along with him on if you're a fast typer. :P He's reading out of the New King James Version if you're interested in reading the exact version with him.

Anyway, it's a fascinating study. It's almost 25 minutes long and I usually try to watch his shorter videos, but this one had me listening the whole way through.


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