Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Mystery of Pentecost

This is a fascinating article.  Most watchers like myself wonder if Pentecost is indeed a time to watch for the Rapture.  I guess we'll know soon enough.  On Jewish calendars, it's June 7-9.  On Christian calendars, it's June 11-12.  If this IS the day, no one is sure *when* Christ will descend in the clouds.  But that's okay, because no one knows the hour or the day.

But obviously, we know the season.  And if we can narrow it down to a small window of time, then hallelujah!

Many Bible scholars have wondered why, on the Feast of Pentecost, do the Jewish priests wave two loaves of bread before the Lord, both with leaven?  Leaven is the "picture" of sin.  Many now believe the two leaven-loaves are a "picture" of Messianic Jews and Christians together caught up to stand before God in Heaven.

Some interesting points about Pentecost --

1.) God gave the Law to Moses on Pentecost
2.) God gave His Grace and the Holy Spirit to Christians on Pentecost
3.) Scholars believe Christ will Rapture the Church and RETURN TO LAW for the 70th week of Daniel on Pentecost.

Why?  Well, because Enoch was a "picture" of the Church.  Remember, in Ecclesiastes, nothing is new under the sun.  Time is cyclical, with patterns, and this is how God works.  He doesn't do anything without first telling His prophets.

Enoch was BORN AND RAPTURED on the same day of Pentecost.  He was saved from Noah's flood by being taken to Heaven bodily in a whirlwind.  Many believe since he was a "picture" of the Church, therefore we will be Raptured on Pentecost as well, and God will turn His countenance back upon Israel after we're gone, and place them back under the Law.  Then the Two Witnesses will appear in Jerusalem.

Read the article above.  It goes into the "picture" of Christ and His Bride in the Book of Ruth and further explains the Rapture on Pentecost theory.

It makes sense.  God gave both the Law AND His Grace on Pentecost.  In order to begin the 70th week of Daniel, He would have to return to the Law by removing the Church.  We all know God works in patterns.  Keep your eyes open folks.  If the Rapture happens this year, it could be Pentecost...