Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Global Economic Restructuring

Uhm... okay, this video is rather disturbing. In it, a man is supposedly the go-between of the "higher ups" in various financial and gov't positions talking about a new global economy and "paradigm shift" of spiritual proportions.

We can all see this coming on the horizon, but the fact that they're calling this a "spiritual ascension" freaks me out a bit. Could be this is a hoax video. But I'm not so sure. The guy is right, the Pope, the President, and other "higher ups" have mentioned that we need to do something to preserve our way of life, both economically speaking, and apparently, "spiritually" speaking, into a "New World Order".

But watch out, folks, if this "new" economy goes global. Especially watch out if they require you to take a mark in your right hand or forehead. If they do, DO NOT TAKE IT!!!

The end is no longer nigh, the end is here and we've GOT to wake up. YESHUA. IS. COMING.

Get your house in order!!


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