Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Urgent Prophecy News

Wow, I didn't know they got all the votes they needed. Indeed, things are getting more and more tense as the days go on.

We don't know the day or the hour, but it's pretty clear that Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38, and Isaiah 17:1 are all lining up to be fulfilled in the near future. Including Joel 3:1-2...

Bible prophecy couldn't happen until Israel became a nation once again. It doesn't matter if 100 generations lived and died thinking THEY were the ones at the end of days. WE are the only generation for almost 2,000 years to see Israel reborn, their desert blooming again, and their language revived (the only time in history this has happened to an ancient, scattered nation, mind), fulfilling a whole HOST of prophecies in Isaiah about Israel's rebirth, as well as Ezekiel's "valley of dry bones" prophecy.

And now, we see Turkey and Syria in tense relations, with Syria threatening Israel if they're attacked. We see Iran getting bolder, putting a fleet of ships off American waters AND trying to assassinate Saudi Arabian diplomats on U.S. soil just today! The economies of the world reeling and general unrest across the globe (Arab Spring/London Riots/Occupy Wall Street). And all the countries of the world are against Israel right now to give the PA their land...

You're just blind if you don't see prophecy all around you. If we're close to God bringing the nations of the world to the Valley of Jehoshaphat for dividing up His land (Joel 3:1-2/Armageddon), then how soon is the start of the Tribulation, folks? And if the Trib is soon to start, how soon is the Rapture?


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