Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why the Rapture of the Church Has To Happen Before the Seven Year Tribul...

This is Pastor JD's Sunday sermon so it's a few days old, but I decided to share it because I haven't been doing too many updates recently. Not that there haven't been things happening around the world. Hello, world economy!!! Hello, London riots!! I've been rather overwhelmed as of late to update on those things, but please note that the birth pangs are getting stronger and closer together.

If Turkey or Syria decide to attack one another, there will be a huge war in the Middle East, which will probably devolve into a world war. Famine and drought are prevalent on just about the entire continent of Africa. The heatwave in America continues. The stock markets in several countries are crashing. Volcanoes all over the world are lighting up. There's just about a 6.0 or greater earthquake somewhere in the world every single day.

Messiah is coming. Trim your lamps and make sure you have oil.


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