Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Closer Look at Ascension Day

There is a verse in Acts 1:11 where the angels speak to the disciples of Jesus.  If you're not familiar, I'll set it up for you.

After Christ resurrected from the dead, he spent 40 days on the earth, instructing his disciples to go out into all the world and preach the Gospel.  On the 40th day, Jesus ascended into Heaven bodily, straight up into the sky until his body was obscured by a cloud.

Here is what the angels say:

11 “Men of Galilee,” they said, “why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.” 

I've been thinking about this verse and how it foretells of the RAPTURE, not the Second Coming.  Why?

Well, think about HOW Jesus went to Heaven.  He was Raptured!!  And the angels themselves told the disciples he will come back in the same way they saw him go.  But that can't possibly be the Second Coming, because we know from Revelation that Christ will be returning on a white charger with the armies of Heaven riding with him.  He will be prepared for battle with a blood-dipped robe.

That is decidedly NOT "in the same way you have seen him go".

No, in the Rapture, Christ descends bodily, in the clouds, and calls his followers up to him.  Our Rapture is going to be just like his!

Since our Rapture is a mirror of Christ's, could the Church also be Raptured on Ascension Day?  According to who you talk to, Ascension day is May 29th, June 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.  Heh, seems a bone of contention, as Jesus was lifted on the 40th day of the Omer (the 50 days that count down from Passover to Pentacost).  But since God works off of Israel's calendar, we should pay attention to it, rather than OUR Gregorian calendar.

As an aside, there is a new moon on the "official" Day of Ascension (June 2nd/3rd, sundown to sundown).  A few scholars believe a new moon is crucial for a Rapture time.  Why?  Because it's "veiled", and in Scripture, the sun has symbolically been God/Christ, while the moon is His Church, reflecting His light to the world.

Along with the veiled moon, there is a planetary conjunction on June 2nd/3rd.  Very interesting, these "signs in the heavens".

Some people wonder if the Church will leave the earth on the day it was born -- Pentacost.  Remember, the Holy Spirit descended on Pentacost, 10 days after Christ ascended.  Enoch is one of the Old Testament Fathers, AND, he was also one of the only men to be Raptured, as well as the prophet Elijah.  Many believe Enoch is a "picture" of the Church.  And oddly enough, he was born AND Raptured on Pentacost!  Could the Church also be born and Raptured on Pentacost?

There is no denying that if you're "watching", you feel *something* is going on in this world.  Personally, I believe the Rapture is very, very close.  Probably closer than anyone realizes.  Could the Rapture be Ascension or Pentacost?  SURE!  And it could also be a year from next Thursday.

The point is, we don't know.  But speculation has been flying for a spring Rapture.  With the way creation is GROANING, whether it be the wrath of God, or a man-made weather weapon, such as HAARP (as conspiracy theorists believe), the watching Church is looking skyward, make no mistake.

The Arabs are planning another march on Israel with their Intifada, this time on June 5th.  It would seem May 15th was a "test run" to see what they could accomplish with a large uprising:

And things are unraveling quickly between Israel and the PA:

A Rapture on Ascension day makes sense, because why would Christ fulfill a Jewish Feast (Rosh Hoshanah) with the Rapture of the Church?  Then again, the Church was born on Pentacost.  Could we, like Enoch, also be Raptured on Pentacost?

I have no idea, but I do know Jesus is coming VERY soon!! Don't be found asleep!


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