Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Buckle Your Seatbelts

Prophecy watchers, buckle your seat belts.  The New York Times just released an article about Syria, and how they're going to fight the uprisings in their country "to the end."  They interview a cousin of President Assad, who says:

“If there is no stability here, there’s no way there will be stability in Israel,” he said in an interview Monday that lasted more than three hours. “No way, and nobody can guarantee what will happen after, God forbid, anything happens to this regime.”

Asked if it was a warning or a threat, Mr. Makhlouf demurred. “I didn’t say war,” he said. “What I’m saying is don’t let us suffer, don’t put a lot of pressure on the president, don’t push Syria to do anything it is not happy to do.”

The 'Net is abuzz about whether or not Syria will go to war with Israel during the 3rd Intifada, set to march on May 15th, just a few days away.

If this 3rd Intifada is in fact the fulfillment of Psalm 83, and if Syria gets involved, we could also see the fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1, the burden of Damascus.  And if Israel destroys Damascus, that could escalate right into the Ezekiel 38 war, with Turkey (Togarmah), Iran (Persia), and Russia (Magog) jumping into the fray.

If all these wars are upon us, then how close is the Rapture, folks?  According to some, the Song of Songs 2:10-13, "Arise, my love" reveals its in the springtime.  Others believe "the Last Trump" (1 Corinthians 15:51-52) refers to Rosh Hoshanah, a Feast of Trumpets Rapture.  All I can say is -- its time to buckle your seat belts.

Right now in the sky, the planets are aligning (Mercury, Mars, Venus & Jupiter), and there's a conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter just before dawn.  In June, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus & Neptune will be aligned.  Could be coincidence, however, many people believe the conjunction of Venus/Jupiter was the original Bethlehem star of old.  Do some study on that.  Many believe the Gospel is in the stars, and Christ Himself said there would be signs in the heavens.

But it doesn't surprise me, as Revelation 12 will be in the stars come September 29th.

Of course, this is all speculation on my part with regards to what wars or prophecies may or may not be fulfilled in the coming weeks, however, you cannot deny with the climate in the Middle East right now, that the time is ripe for war.  And I suppose we will all know for sure soon enough.

Please, please keep Israel in your prayers.  Jesus said, "When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, you know the time of her desolation is near..." ~Luke 21:20  That time is NOW, folks.  And if we're not Raptured out beforehand, I believe we're about to see our God move in a way we've never seen Him move before.

The Arabs are not victorious in Psalm 83 or Ezekiel 38.

GOD is.


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