Friday, March 11, 2011

The Earth is in Hard Labor

The 8.9 earthquake that struck Japan today is not the "only" earthquake they've had. I'm not talking about mere "aftershocks" every quake has. Japan has been rumbling hard lately, seemingly ramping up for this quake. Did you know in the past few days, they've had SWARMS of earthquakes, and not small 2's and 3's. They've been 5's, 6's, and 7's, all substantial earthquakes in their own right.

Here is another earthquake update on what's been going on, again using the program called "Earthquake 3D" that you can download for free off the Internet. It's powered by the USGS, however it does not show the activity for Europe, as that information is not monitored by the USGS. But that is not to say quakes haven't been hitting Europe. You can look it up.

But even without the data from Europe, you can see for yourself the obvious uptick in earthquake activity, even in the past week. When we thought we had it bad when the New Zealand earthquake hit, the quakes have seemed to gain in power and intensity since then. And that wasn't very long ago, a couple of weeks at best.

God's got this Earth by the collar and shaking it, yelling at us to WAKE UP! The time to get right with God is now.

I doubt we've heard the last from Japan. My prayers are with them, and anyone effected by the tsunami.


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