Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Prophetic Dream?

Last night, I had a strange dream that got me thinking after I woke up.  I thought I'd share it with you.  I have had what I believe to be a prophetic dream back in January.  The dream I had last night wasn't quite so obvious.  In my previous dream, I was being spoken to by God.  In this dream, it was like a normal dream, however, the events in this dream seem to parallel a "Rapture-like" scenario.

There was a man I was talking to, he was a little scruffy--dirty flannel shirt, unkempt beard, soiled jeans.  He was talking to me about how much he loved his neighbor, but that she was getting married.  He knocked on her door and she came out.  The woman was very nice and invited us into her house.

The man sat on her chair and was silent while the woman went on and on about her fiance.  She was aware this scruffy man was in love with her, but she couldn't stop talking about how much she loved her fiance.  She brought out a photo album and showed me pictures of them together.  I don't remember what the man looked like, but I do remember he was handsome, and they looked very happy together.

She mentioned she hadn't seen her fiance for a long time.  She wouldn't see him again until the day of the wedding.  And it was going to be a grand affair in Egypt.  She had a date of the wedding posted in the dream, like on one of those flip-style alarm clocks, but it wasn't a clock, it just showed the date.  And the date it showed was 1-8-11.

I remember being confused because the dream was current, yet I knew the wedding date would be in the future.  I thought, in the dream, that perhaps I was in the past, like 2010, looking at a "future" 2011 January date.  I'll get back to this.

While I was talking to the woman, the scruffy man was silent.  I could tell he was sad that she was going to marry another man.

Suddenly, I flashed to the wedding day.  It was an enormous affair, a wedding fit for royalty.  Food was everywhere.  Her gown was fabulous.  There were hundreds, if not thousands of people there.  Even the media flew a few anchors from ABC and NBC to Egypt to cover the wedding.  I remember thinking how odd, because this woman was just an ordinary woman, how could she afford such a glamorous wedding?  And why did the media care?

It was night time.  There was rejoicing and singing and dancing and feasting under the lighted pyramids of Egypt.  I knew the scruffy man was not there.  But somehow, it didn't matter because I wanted to dance and feast myself.

I then either woke up or the dream merely ended, I don't remember.  But here's my thoughts on it.

After I woke up, I decided to do a little digging on January 8th, 2011 in Egypt.  Had something significant happen on that date there?  As far as I can tell, nothing did.  It was before the riots.

That got me thinking.  Europeans switch the month and the day when they write their dates.  In the dream, I knew the wedding would happen in the future.  Could it be August 1st, 2011?  Googling that date with Egypt again pulled up nothing significant.  So, I googled the date by itself. 

Amazingly, the first hit on Google is for the Jewish calendar.  August 1st is also the 1st of Av.  It's not a Jewish feast, but it begins the nine days of mourning the Jews observe until the 9th of Av, or Tisha B'av

The 9th of Av is the darkest day in Jewish history.  On this same day, almost 600 years apart, BOTH of their holy Temples were razed. 
This is also the day in 1492 all Jews were expelled from Spain.
This is also the day WWI began in 1914.
On the eve of Tisha B'av 1942, the Jews were rounded up from the Warsaw ghetto and taken to Treblinka extermination camp.

Needless to say, from Av 1 to Av 9, many Jews consider themselves in mourning, and therefore dress in black or sackcloth and do not wash and do not clip their beards.

This HAD to be what the Lord was showing me.  But for what purpose?

I believe the scruffy man either represents the sin of the world wooing the Church (the Bride of Christ) away from Him, OR he represents the "church" Christ leaves behind, who wants to be with the true Church but does not truly know Christ.  This seems to fit why he wasn't there during the wedding feast.  For some reason, I think he represents the body of so-called "believers" Christ will not take at the Rapture.  I believe this because he wasn't at the wedding, and I somehow knew he was crying that he couldn't be there with the Bride.

The fact the bride was "separated" from her fiance until the day of the wedding also gave me a big clue this was a dream from God.  Aside from my study of the Jewish wedding, where the groom goes to prepare a place for the bride onto his father's house, it fits with Christ leaving to Heaven only to come back and retrieve His Bride.

And this woman LOVED the groom.  I can't tell you enough how much she loved him and looked forward to seeing him and how the day of her wedding filled her with such joy.

I believe my thoughts about how she could afford all of this because she was just an ordinary woman was very telling as well.  Her house was non-descript, she was just like I was.  And yet she had a wedding fit for royalty.

I think the media was there because obviously, the Rapture is going to be newsworthy.  WHERE did millions of people go?  Were we abducted by aliens?  Or was it *really* the Rapture of the Church?  I think that's what the media might have represented in the dream.

The only thing I don't understand is why Egypt, and why August 1st, 2011.  Is the Lord telling me to look to the skies in August?  Is that going to be a significant time for Egypt?  Or was Egypt in there to simply to represent a faraway, grand, sweeping place this wedding is going to take place?  What is more grand than dancing at the foot of the ancient pyramids, after all?  Perhaps they were there to represent the awe of Heaven or the mighty presence of God.

I think it's telling, though, that the time and date of this wedding was at night on August 1st.  Now, obviously no man knows the day or the hour.  I remember a few days ago praying to Jesus, asking Him when His Rapture was.  Heh, I don't think He'd actually TELL ME, but He might tell me approximately, since I'm already looking skyward. 

Who knows.  It could have been "just a dream".  But I don't think so.  It's rare I ever realize I'm dreaming.  And I knew I was dreaming because of the realization I had with the date.  I knew it was future, but it "appeared" as if it was January at first glance.

I guess we'll find out soon enough.  But could the 1st of Av reference be alluding to the fact that if Christ DOES Rapture the Church at the time around Tisha B'av, that it would be "one more thing" for the Jews to mourn for?  Food for thought.


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